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(Reclaiming Paris, Norwegian Edition)

By Fabiola Santiago


Reclaiming Paris – A Novel
By Fabiola Santiago


Reclaiming Paris
Reclaiming Paris

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Habanita - Roman

“Men are like perfumes. In an instant, with nothing but a whiff of a judgment, I either love them or discard them,” Marisol, the narrator of Reclaiming Paris, says as the novel begins. Marisol is an exuberant poet and historical archivist living in contemporary Miami. Like her adopted city, she’s a sensual free spirit. Born in Cuba and transplanted at an early age to Florida, she nurses a nostalgia for the legendary island birthplace she barely remembers. She also harbors a passion for scents, donning a new perfume each time she takes on a new relationship. After the death of her beloved grandmother and a series of sensuous but disappointing romances, Marisol realizes that she must break free from the shackles of her history, abandon lost causes, and embrace the only real home she’s ever had—her own wandering heart. Bridging the divide between the effervescent Miami of today and the mystical Cuba of yesteryear, Reclaiming Paris is a paean to place and memory whose humor, passion, and unforgettable characters will resonate with readers everywhere. Read the story of this American woman with a Cuban soul.

What reviewers are saying about Reclaiming paris:

“Santiago’s writing glows when she details everyday life in Miami and gives the city a literary scent of its own. There’s the gossipy air of local beauty salons, the intimate nightclubs where Cuban exiles gather and perform, and the blue-collar streets of Little Havana, a neighborhood “of hibiscus fences and shrines to the Virgin in the front yards.” Like Miami, Santiago’s writing is lush and crackles with a sophisticated sensuality. The prose casts a seductive spell on readers by transporting them to each of the cities that Marisol temporarily calls home.”
- The Boston Globe

Reclaiming Paris is hot, not tawdry-romance-novel hot, but Garcia-Marquez-meets-Anais-Nin hot. The language is elegant and has the flavor, at times, of magical realism...the story of a young Cuban-born woman and her artistic, spiritual and sexual awakening.”
- The St. Petersburg Times

“Santiago weaves together tales of longing for the lost paradise of prerevolutionary Cuba and the reality of exile in Miami, from the rich cultural life the immigrants have created in their new homeland to the city’s political machinations, is the picture of a culture that is mournful yet impassioned, striving to succeed in its new land while yearning for the old. Cuban and Latino readers will find much to identify with in this richly nuanced novel, and others will find it a fascinating inside look at a culture that is too often viewed as monolithic and alien. A true rarity—an erotic yet intelligent tale.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“Santiago elevates this seemingly merely glamorous and romantic tale above the usual chick-lit fare by smoothly integrating immigration issues and a dash of mystery into the plot. And as the novel draws to a close, Marisol’s troubles with men finally lead her to investigate her past, with the help of friends, and what she learns is both shocking and illuminating.”
- Booklist

“Heady sensuousness travels hand-in-hand with restless melancholy…”
- The Miami Herald